We MARCHED and that was great and people are asking what next…

okay this is what we do: (since violence is a no)


we vote with our dollars… our digital specks of debit card dust

choose wisely, where you sprinkle yours

Hit them where it hurts. Reject consumerism.


What role/s do you play in this fucked up economic and political gridlock? At work?

QUESTION everything, esp authorities (who said you’re in charge of this?)

if it seems like fake news, it might be, dig a little deeper before you accept this information as real

you can also form opinions/beliefs over long stretches of time…

you don’t have to decide right now how you feel about it


Mine are:

Let’s turn off the internet for a while. Like 3 months. So we can regain a bit of humanity.

A peaceful two state solution

Or a four year national conversation about what it means to be American all the time with everybody, especially people who only become more insane the longer you talk to them.

Ban political parties forever. Remove the electoral college. Add a few states.

We have to make the government responsive to our demands.

& We need to figure out what those demands are.



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